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Absence, Assembly and A Quick Update


I’m alive and I have an excuse for no updates! I’ve spent a holiday in Egypt (amazing country), but now I’m back and going to keep updating here.

Well, I love learning. Especially learning new things in computing, programming and game development, so recently I’ve been learning some assembly language. After a good week of learning I’ve managed to make some cool x86 apps.

I’ve been doing x86 from the comfort of FASM (a great assembler) and the msvcrt.dll linked library which I’m using for simple calls to printf, scanf and puts 🙂

The first was a recursive Fibonacci converter; basically the way I did this was to create a base label/function of fib(x), which inside will keep returning (eax) the value of fib(x-1)+fib(x-2) until x is smaller than 3 (in which case it will return 1). Alright, it sounds simple from a high level perspective. However this was a great exercise for someone like me (new to asm) as I had to deal with the stack, all the standard registers, and some arithmetic aswell.

Code for those interested; http://pastebin.com/f66ee467

Now I’m back to C/C++ and playing with some more general development and fun.

Keep on developing!

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