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BulletSpree – My first released Flash game in a LONG time

Hey, long time no writing in this blog. For anyone who read the blog before, you may have noticed I bought a domain name for it. This is mainly so I don’t have to use the wordpress.com site anymore; it had a lot of restrictions and I didn’t think the price for removing them was fair, considering I could get full hosting & add WordPress to it myself so cheaply.

I’ve recently been working a lot in Flash, and just released a game I worked on for a month or so. The game is called BulletSpree! It’s basically a top down machine gun defense game; totally caters to all your machine gun mowing needs. And it has blood too. If you wanna play it, it’s currently only on Bubblebox.com so here’s the link to that;

BulletSpree by Ryan Pridgeon

Click Here To Play BulletSpree by Ryan Pridgeon

The game was programmed by me, and the art was done by Chaz Carter, who you can find at his site, FlashChaz.com. I wrote it all in object oriented Actionscript 3, using Flash CS5. The game idea was rather simple, so the only challenges I met were really integrating it with high scores, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to make.

However, using Flash to compile the game was a pain in the ass, and its IDE is far from ideal. Now I’ve started using Flashdevelop for the code & the Flex AS3 compiler to compile. The art gets made in Flash an exported to asset “component” files that can be used in my code and compiled into the final app. This seems to be a much nicer way to work (at least from a coding point of view) so I’ll probably continue this way.

In other news, I’ve started working on a little something in C. It’s been a while, but I’ll post more when I’ve made more progress. Enjoy the game 🙂


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  1. Oinker says:

    Tried the game on both bubblebox.com and gamesfree.ca, it looks very pretty but I’m stuck at about level 17 on “beginner” difficulty. Specifically wondering about the balance between level survival and increasing difficulty, I sense the “Blood Surfer” medal could be almost impossible to achieve.

    Stuff I like:
    -Background music sets the mood very well
    -Controls very responsive
    -Overall art design nice, I prefer the “Science Lab” arena
    -Context (“right-click”) menu very convenient to activate & deactivate both game sounds & background music.
    -Noticeable difficulty difference between “beginner” and “hardcore”.

    Stuff which could be improved:
    -Health and “turret cooling power-ups very rare at “beginner” difficulty and have unknown means of triggering. Did not see any power-up during my single attempt at “hardcore” difficulty.
    -No means to restore health, other than the very rare health power-up. If it is intended to be restored between rounds, that doesn’t occur.
    -Power-ups disappear very quickly, especially if associated enemy close to arena’s edge.
    -Difficult to see own bullets in “Barrenland” field.
    -“B.A.M.F.” medal awarded as soon as “Hardcore” difficulty selected, reaching level 10 not required. In immediately previous game on “beginner” difficulty, level 10 was exceeded.

    In case it’s significant, below is a partial system configuration:

    OS: Windows7 Ultimate, 64-bit
    Browser: Firefox 5.0
    Flash: 10,3,183,5

    I really enjoyed the game, however the lack of means to restore health is preventing me from enjoying it more.

    Hope it helps!

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